Doritos "Eat Me": Commercial 

Guy walks into the kitchen to see a bowl of Doritos. A sign next to it says “EAT ME” He picks up a chip and bites into a Dorito. Suddenly he is transported to alternative reality. Every time he bites into another chip he is transported to another flavor world. Each world is dictated by the flavor of the Doritos. The inspiration would be a present day Alice in Wonderland. A fun graphics and text fill the screen with the tagline: “Take your flavor into another level” After he travels to 4 different flavor worlds he is transported back to the kitchen. His hair is tussled and a silly prop item that was in one of the flavor worlds is in his hands. He looks confused and outta wack. A girl walks by the same bowl and sign. She sees the sign and looks to the guy and the kitchy prop. He replies, “It’s good.” She takes a bite and the music starts up and again and the Doritos logo flashes.

Production Notes: My submission for the 2012 Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest... The previous years I worked on other peoples submissions, I thought it would be great to give it a shot myself.  

Sean McBride
Vanessa Gonzales
Becca Scott
Sophia Thomas
Reena Ray 

Director of Photography: Zac Eubank
AC: Alex Noury
Editing: Andrew Cohen
Motion Graphics: Dawn Chenette
Wardrobe: Vanessa Gonzales