Let Go: Luke Janela Music Video


Nisha Grayson
Sean McBride
Luke Janela


Producers: Adrienne Garcia and Donna Pedraza
Associate Producers: The Indie Workforce

1st Assistant Director: Adrienne Garcia
Director of Photography: M. Azmi
Grip & Gaffing Team: Tory Dalhoff, Noah Adams, Kyle Dare, Benny Figueroa, Phil Figueroa, and Rick Evans

Art Department
VFX Supervisor: Bob Salzano
Storyboard Artist: John Dang
Art Directors: Wendy McColm and Kendo
Wardrobe: Kristina Van Dyk
Make-up / Hair: Mia Lopez

Tech Support
DIT: John Dang
Technical Advisor: Phil Abatacola
Set PA: Jimmy Peralta
Extra Wranglers: Lindsay Chilibolost and Karen Maltez
Craft Services: Mariko and Sky Amekodommo



Music Video for the artist Luke Janela. Sean and Nisha are heading to a birthday party. On their way into the party they begin to argue about petty situations that question their relationship. Then an extraordinary event happens to bring them back together.

Production Notes: I wanted to shot a one shot going up 3 different levels of an apartment to act as a metaphor for an argument in a relationship. Each level in the house was to convey or express a feeling or emotion as the camera follows them though obstacles of people. I wanted to keep the look simple with fun VFX that would be reasonable yet add just enough spectacle.