Culinary Adventures with Mariko


Talent/Producer/Creator: Mariko Amekodommo


Director/Producer/Creator: Sharmila Ray
D.P.: Alan Rencher
1st AD: Ricardo Uhagon Vivas
Gaffer: Enrique Villacorta

Post Team
DIT: Frank Anthony Bello
Assistant Editor: Chris Mena
Technical Advisor/ Intro Graphics: Bob Salzano

Art Department
Production Design: Eric Fisher
Art Director: Katy Unger

Music: Morgan Sky Amekodommo
Sound Supervisor: Noah Adams

Wardrobe Consultant: Kristina Van Dyk
Make-up: Michelle Diaz
Hair: Maria-Yvette Bantu

Set photographer: Kat Goduco


Mariko loves going to hole in the wall grocery stores in Los Angles. She loves to share her finds with her friends and family by making simple and easy meals that are unique and different. In episode #3 Mariko makes Oaxacan mole tacos for a small cocktail party with friends.

Production Notes:  Culinary Adventures with Mariko is web based cooking show. Developed by Mariko Amekdommo and directed by Sharmila Ray.