The Reject Series 


The Reject Series:  Which will be collaborative novellas that revolve around tales of rejection.  The overall concept is to start a site/ channel where all the stories revolve around the idea of rejection.  Without rejection in our lives we would never have a new door to walk though.  We need rejection to teach us a lesson and to help us grow.  How did your rejection help you flip the script?  I want to collaborate with other filmmakers and creatives to start this dialogue and to pimp out all our various talents.


Perfect: the first novella in the series.  A simple first date story about the preconceived notions and expectations that we place on that meeting.  



Alisha Carderella
Gabriel Miller
Chhaya Nene
Bob the Dog


Director: Sharmila Ray
Producer: Brad Lavery
DP: Hector Barriuso
Editors: Christina Castro
Assistant Editor: Alexandra Avendano
1st AD: Noah Adams
Key Grip: Frank Anthony Bello
G&E:  Sean Burris 
Color: Ken Schefler