YOU FOLLOW: a search for one's past 

It’s 2009. Nisha Grayson packs her bags, and with four of her closest friends sets out on a journey from her home in Sacramento, CA to her birthplace in Goa India.

Twenty eight years after her adoption, this 39-month journey leads Nisha to deep introspection through her inspiring commitment to pursuing truth, and the adventure that comes along with it.  YOU FOLLOW is a compelling story about resilience, family and identity


Official Selection: La Femme Film Fest

Official Selection: India International Film Fest


The Dead Trees
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Nisha Grayson
Reena Ray
Hitesh Khalshi
Victor Lara
Tony Godinho


Director: Sharmila Ray
Producer: Nisha Grayson, Brad Lavery
Post Supervisor / Motion Graphics Editor:Bob Salzano
Color: Andrew Cohen / Joel Ides
Assistant Editors: Ryan Casebolt, Josh Dion, Alex Robertson
2nd Unit Filming LA: Zac and Lucas Eubank
Post Audio Supervisor: Noah Adams
Music Supervisor: Vanessa Gonzales
Composer: Luke Janela
Social Media / Marketing: Rinny Perkins
Marketing: Ben Kemp
Social Media / Marketing Assistant: Reena Ray
Poster Art: Dawn Chenette
Music: "Comfortable Kids" by The Dead Trees